The Evil One® Story

A couple of important things motivated us to start the Evil One® brand in 2004. The first was our love of and creating alternative-world art. The second was we found when we were buying new shirts, more specifically biker shirts, that our decision was based on, “this was the best shirt I could find.”

The new purchase was “just another” biker t-shirt in the closet. There was no being amped about a graphic or enthusiasm about the name of an old brand, even right after we purchased it. In general, and definitely from an artistic perspective, one brand’s graphic was very similar to the next and a lot used simple, basic clip art.

So we started designing graphics that we loved, that were different, with some unique items about each concept or style of the graphic, and we put them with a cool brand name - Evil One®. By the time we officially started in business 2004, in the morning we weren’t just grabbing any t-shirt out of the closet, but looking for one our Evil One® brand shirts that we looked forward to wearing.

We hope you still can see and find the same passion with our products.

Evil One®
“Refuse to Follow & Live with No Remorse”